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Deregistration is a relatively easy and fast method of closing a business compared to liquidation. A private limited company or a company limited by guarantee can apply for deregistration upon satisfying the following conditions:

  • all members of the company agree to the deregistration of the company
  • either the company has not commenced operation or business, or the company has not been in operation or carried on business during the 3 months immediately before this application
  • the company has no outstanding liabilities
  • the company is not a party to any legal proceedings
  • the company’s assets do not consist of any immovable property situate in Hong Kong
  • if the company is a holding company, none of its subsidiary’s assets consist of any immovable property situate in Hong Kong
  • the company is not a company specified in section 749 of the Companies Ordinance

Time required

  • 6 – 9 months (processing time will be longer in case of objection)

Information required

Please provide the following information if you are not yet our clients:

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • Latest Annual Return
  • Latest financial statements

Application Form for Deregistration of Hong Kong Companies

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